Indiana Hope Center


What is Indiana Hope Center??


The Indiana Hope Center is a community assistance program to help individuals and families obtain food and other household goods for minimal set contribution for each item at a significant discount. Become a member any time the center is open and visit as many times as you need! A $5.00 annual membership fee and a photo I.D. is required.

             Hours for Hope Center

Our hours of Operation are:
All hours are central time
Tuesday 9:30 - 7 
Wednesday 9:30 - 5
Thursday 9:30 - 5
Friday 9:30 - 5
Saturday 10 - 3
Sunday Closed 
Monday Closed
We Offer Bible study from 7:30- 8:30 Tuesday-Friday
and recently just started a church service on Sundays at 11 am



How we can help!!

  • First, we can be praying for the Indiana Hope Center. They help lots of families and we need to keep the people as well as the staff lifted up in prayer.

  • We can also support them by donating items that will be used to restock the center.

  • You can also donate a monetary gift for the center to use however they need to. 

  • We will be going to volunteer our time at the Center on Feb. 21st from 5-7 pm central time.

  Here are the links for Indiana Hope Center's Facebook page and website.